Given the importance of information security and the protection of personal information in the advanced information and communications society, Hiramatsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hiramatsu”) shall endeavor to appropriately manage and protect information in its possession in accordance with the policy stated hereunder.

  • 01.Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc.

    Hiramatsu shall comply with policies, guidelines, etc. prescribed in laws and regulations and by administrative organs.

  • 02.Shared Use

    Hiramatsu shall use the reservation records of customers in order to provide services closely related to the following purpose. We might amend this privacy statement from time to time, so visit this page regularly to stay up to date.

    1. 1) To provide customer service.
    2. 2) To provide information about our hotels & restaurants, menu, events, new business.
    3. 3) To provide information regards investment relations.
    4. 4) To provide materials regards our company and business.
    5. 5) To run our membership Memoire de Hiramatsu
    6. 6) For recruiting activities
    7. 7) For marketing activities

    Kashikojima Island is surrounded by the natural abundance and scenic beauty of Ago Bay, one of the finest sights in Japan. Close to the great Shinto shrine of Ise Jingu, the spiritual home of the Japanese people, this is a special place, where time seems to stand still. Our little hotel started out as a restaurant, but has become not just a place to savor fine food, but a place to stay and relax — a destination.

  • 03.Provision to Third Parties

    Except for the abovementioned, Hiramatsu shall not provide or disclose reservation records and information to third parties unless customers have given their consent or unless required in accordance with laws and regulations, etc.

  • 04.Management of Personal Information

    Hiramatsu shall, with a recognition of the importance of customers’ personal information submitted by customers, strictly manage such information using computers, etc., paying close attention to the handling thereof.

  • 05.Inquiries, etc. Relating to Personal Information

    If a member contacts the inquiry desk with an inquiry or request to alter or suspend the use of their personal information, such inquiry shall be dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner within reasonable bounds. In addition, the inquiry desk shall accept feedback relating to the handling of personal information.

  • 06.Management of Personal Information

    Hiramatsu shall promote training and educational activities for employees with an aim to enhance their knowledge and awareness of information management so that information is managed appropriately through thorough familiarization with the said subject.

  • 07.Formulation of Compliance Program

    Hiramatsu shall formulate and comply with internal policies, rules, guidelines, etc. and shall prescribe matters concerning the duty of confidentiality in relevant agreements and shall ensure that information is managed appropriately.

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