Ristorante la Luce’s open-plan dining room seats 28 and looks out onto the bamboo garden and kura storehouse.

Exquisite Italian cuisine, with a presentation that befits this elegant setting

Beyond the hotel’s lounge is the dining room of Ristorante la Luce, with its high ceiling and impressive exposed beams. This unique space, combining contemporary design with traditional machiya craftsmanship, is a source of inspiration for Chef Takaumi Tsutsui as he uses the finest local ingredients to create exquisite and authentic Italian cuisine.

A little piece of nature – enjoy the view of the bamboo garden while you eat

The big dining room window looks out onto the kura storehouse and the bamboo garden. A garden that gives the viewer and sense of peace and being close to nature is a key part of the aesthetics of the Kyoto machiya. The theme of the garden is ‘Light’, and the planting is calculated in view of the angle at which the sunlight shines into the courtyard. The beautiful moss that covers the ground is carefully tended and watered by our staff.

Italian cuisine that embodies the essence of Kyoto

On first seeing Ristorante la Luce, Chef Tsutsui said, ‘I can’t ignore this space when I’m cooking. I am creating Italian cuisine, but I want my dishes to express the essence of Kyoto.’ Drawing on all his skill and experience in Italian cuisine, he incorporates traditional local foodstuffs to create a dining experience that befits this elegant space and delights all five senses.


Takaumi Tsutsui

Chef Tsutsui trained at Italian restaurants such as Ristorante Aso and French restaurants including Restaurant Hiramatsu Kodaiji. He was appointed chef at Ristorante la Luce when The Hiramatsu Kyoto opened in 2020. He is passionate about creating delicious cuisine using the finest local ingredients, including traditional Kyoto vegetables.

A memorable dining experience, with a cuisine and ambiance you will find only in Kyoto

* Ristorante la Luce is also open to non-hotel guests

Opening Hours

Breakfast: 7.00 to 9.30am (last orders)
Dinner: 5.30 to 7.00pm (last orders)




At the counter, crafted from a single plank of Japanese zelkova, the chef creates exquisite dishes before your eyes.

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