Make your special day even more memorable


Implementation Period

All year round


We will prepare a bouquet and/or bottle of champagne for your desired time.


We can provide bouquets to suit the style and preferences of your special someone. Please let us know your budget and preferences.
* Please place your order at least three days before your stay.
Starting from ¥5,000 (bag: ¥330)

We can have chilled champagne ready in your room when you return from dinner.
Recommended champagnes:
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV ¥22,700
Yves Jacques Cuvée Sélection ¥12,100
*Please note that brands and prices may vary. Please ask our staff for details.

Special Wines
Why not open a wine from the year of your marriage or birth and savour the memories?
Our sommelier can assist in finding a wine to suit your budget and preferences.
* Different wines require different preparation times. Please order in advance.

Celebration Bouquet

Celebration Champaigne

Celebration Wine

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All Year Round

Walking in the clean forest air, taking coffee on a bench after lunch, experiencing the beauty of the changing seasons — the Forest Path offers many ways to enjoy nature. The hotel sells a stainless steel insulated flask in a handy size for taking on walks that also makes a great gift.


A private trek through snow-covered mountains, with breathtaking views that can only be seen in winter

All Year Round

After a riding lesson at a stable in the foothills of Mt Asama, enjoy horseback trekking through the mountains

Spring to Autumn

Enjoy breathtaking views and encounters with alpine plants, birds and animals on this adventure suitable for beginners to advanced trekkers

All Year Round

Enjoy private yoga instruction while admiring the beautiful nature of Miyota, either in your room or on the terrace

Spring & Summer

Immerse yourself in a 60-minute yoga lesson while gazing at the forest of Miyota in the beautiful light of sunset

All Year Round

Capture memories of anniversaries and other family celebrations at The Hiramatsu Karuizawa Miyota in a session with a professional photographer familiar with Miyota’s natural beauty. Location photography and album creation are available on request

All Year Round

Celebrate your special day with a touch of elegance, whether in the comfort of your room or at the dinner table. We are here to add a vibrant touch to your big occasion.

All Year Round

Founded in 1880, Hamano Leather Crafts is a prestige bag brand famous for its signature Royal Model, used by members of the Japanese Imperial Family. The company has its workshop in Miyota, the same town where the hotel is located.

For your entertainment, we offer a craft kit embodying the essence of Hamano that allows you to create your own cute pochette, combining your favorite colours.

Making the pochette takes just 30 minutes to an hour, and the only tools you will need are scissors and a ruler, so even children can safely enjoy authentic leather crafting. Enjoy making the pochette in your room during your stay, or take the set home as a souvenir.

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