Wellness Programme

Mori no Delight (Forest Delight) Care Body Treatment meets Waphyto

A stay at The Hiramatsu Karuizawa Miyota — with meals, coffee time, hot spring bathing and activities — is like a luxurious full-course meal, and our Wellness Programme is like the appetizer. Enjoy the blissful luxury of a treatment room surrounded by nature, offering Myofascial Release Cutter therapy to relieve deep tensions, hydrogen inhalation therapy, and a range of manual treatments with Waphyto oils, to refresh the body inside and out.


10.00am to 6.00pm (last entry: 5.00pm)
Closed on Wednesdays

  • Please note individual experiences may vary, and the same benefits cannot be guaranteed in every case.
  • Our treatments aim to promote relaxation, and do not involve any medical procedures.
  • For your safety, we do not offer treatments to expectant mothers.
  • The duration of each programme is treatment time + approximately 30 minutes.


Our Recommended Programme

The stresses of everyday life cause the body to produce harmful reactive oxygen species. The Suisonia treatment helps to eliminate these from the body in a balanced way, through the inhalation of a gas-vapour mixture containing hydrogen.


Our Recommended Programme

This programme uses the worldʼs first ECMS (eddy current muscle stimulator) together with a special “coupling glove”. The synergy between the two devices allows precisely targeted myofascial release, addressing deep tensions that cannot be relieved by manual treatments alone.



Live colourfully with Mother Earth

Waphyto is Japan’s first plant biomethodology beauty brand, and was born from a desire to continue to be like Mother Earth.

Supporting radiant health and clean beauty for every stage of life, Waphyto’s unique natural care products were created by phytotherapist Atsuko Morita. Combining traditional herbalism and modern beauty technology, they infuse the finest natural ingredients with the most sophisticated cosmetic science. From skincare to body and hair care, Waphyto products embody an appreciation for Japanese wa culture, promoting peace and harmony.

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