In the evenings, the brazier at the Takibi Lounge is lit and a Food Truck provides soup, sangria, mulled wine and other seasonal drinks and light meals. You can also enjoy toasting marshmallows, an engrossing pastime for everyone from children to adults!


Visiting Hours

Food Truck hours (2024-2025)
24 April to late September, 5.00 to 7.00pm | late September to April, 4.30 to 6.30pm
* Changes to operating hours will be announced in “NEWS”.



Reservations and Fees

No reservations are necessary: please drop in at any time
Free of charge


For your safety, the Takibi Lounge and Food Truck may close under severe weather conditions (thunderstorms, heavy rain, heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, etc).

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Nagano Prefecture is famed for its many large and small wineries, ranging from pioneers to new entrants, and Nagano wines are attracting attention abroad and winning international competitions. Eating locally produced food and drinking local wine is one of the true luxuries of any journey. During Shinshu Wine Week, an event organized by sommeliers four times a year, the hotel’s Italian restaurant, La Lumière Claire, hosts salon tastings, and our French restaurant, Le Grand Lys, offers a pairing menu with wines carefully selected to match each dish. Shinshu Wine Week is an opportunity to taste famous wines that are normally hard to come by, and adds a gourmet dimension to the campaign for local production and consumption of food in Shinshu.

The Fresh Food Market, held on an irregular basis when foodstuffs are available, offers vegetables, mushrooms and fruit. Why not take home a taste of Shinshu, famed across Japan as a treasure house of food?

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